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How we took one of our brands from £20K per month to generating £171,284.49 in 15 days

  • £171,284.49
  • 9,283 Purchases
  • 5.46 ROAS
  • 9,446% Growth

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Matthew Sheedy

Account Manager

within just a few months of working with us!

Who are we?

We’re a team of experienced, passionate advertising specialists. An in-house team of enthusiastic Facebook Specialists, Account Managers, Copywriters and Content Creators; together we provide an unbeatable service that betters your sales and sky rockets your ROI.

Our specialism is supporting eCommerce brands in scaling their paid advertisement strategies by taking away all the hard work. Our process is to do the hands-on work for our clients and to let them continue doing what they do best – running their business.

A results driven agency; we never tie you into a long term contract. We’re so confident in the results we can deliver, we know you’ll stay for the long run. Whether you’ve tried Facebook advertising before and had no luck or you’re struggling to know how to scale your account, you’ve come to the right place.

Added Value

Gather Great Data

Insightful Analytics

Increase Sales & Revenue

With intricate and exact targeting, Facebook advertising allows you to put the right message in front of the right customers.

Working with us is like hiring a team of experts inside your own business. Our specialist teams works with you, not on behalf of you.

Facebook advertising allows you to gather data about your customers that you won’t find on any other platform.

With Facebook’s in-depth analytics dashboard, there’s no need to guess how your ads are performing. With 100s of metrics to assess, you can gain a full understanding of what works for your business.

eCommerce Brand Case Study

When this brand came to us, their record month for sales had been no more than 20k. They had been averaging around 2,000 sales per month and had tried multiple avenues to break down that barrier.

They had a solid customer base, great content, they worked hard on products but they were just missing a solid, consistent sales source. Something that will generate them sales consistently.

The main aim they had was to scale. We built them a full funnel; concentrating on bringing in new customers daily. However, where most only focus on bringing in new customers, we had a strong focus on retention. Ensuring the funnel we built raised AOV and LTV of the current customer base in the process.

£31K Ad Spend = £169K In Sales


Within a couple of months of running our proven funnel, working on & optimising all stages. The brands sales grew by 9.449%. Bringing in over 9,000 sales in 15 days. Generating £171,284.49 in the process. Not just beating their current record but smashing it.

We helped generate close to their usual yearly sales, in less than one month. By working closely together we’ve managed to take this brand to new heights that put them years ahead of schedule. Crushing down boundaries they didn’t think were possible to hit.

Imagine what they will do by then end of the month?


How we helped this client scale 16,468 eCommerce Sales in Seven Months from Facebook Ads

  • £110K Spend
  • £574,325.12 Revenue
  • Over £450k Profit
  • 16,468 Purchases
  • 5.19 ROAS
  • Oct 19 – May 20 Time Frame

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Matthew Sheedy

Account Manager

Case Study for Write From The Heart

Write From The Heart Keepsakes are a UK direct to consumer brand. They provide the perfect gifts for loved ones, old and young. They also have the ability to customise any item. Kirsty approached us mid-way through last year when she was struggling to get Facebook ads working for her business. She believed the market was too competitive and wouldn’t work. We knew we could prove her otherwise.

Want to see the full case study with all the results and details on funnel we built for WFTH?Download a copy of the full case study below.

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This particular eCommerce client works within a nice sector and was struggling to return a positive ROI on Facebook advertising for their online store sales. So, they approached Social Nucleus to help fix their Facebook Ads and build a completely new ad funnel that could generate consistent sales and much larger ROI from their campaigns.

£110K Ad Spend = £574K In Sales


Here was another eCommerce client we helped…


Client Store Sales Results

Scroll for some of our best results generated for some of our eCommerce clients!



Client Facebook Ad Results

Here’s an inside view to the back-end of some of our Facebook Ad Results generated for eCommerce clients. Get an idea of what we can achieve for you!



“We came to Social Nucleus asking them to get us more leads for our business. Not only did they really listen to what we wanted, but the results have been amazing.”

– SO Finance Owner

“They have generated hundreds of quality leads and got us the same if not more in sales. Couldn’t be happier with the service they provide.”

– SO Finance Head Trader

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Simply fill in your details using the form and find a suitable time and date to speak with our account manager Matt and let’s scale your business!

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Matthew Sheedy

Account Manager

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