Welcome to Elite Medics

We are a group of passionate junior doctors who believe Medicine to be the most exhilarating, demanding and inspiring career choice that a student can make, and we would like to share that passion with you. We have created a two-day practical medical course for GCSE & A-Level students aspiring to study medicine at university.

We ourselves were in your position not so long ago, and we all felt that we did not understand very well what we were signing up for when applying to Medical School. We had undergone some work experience, and read a little about what life is like as a doctor, but it was only really along the way that we discovered what it really means to study Medicine or about the difficulties and challenges that present themselves along the long path to becoming a doctor.

Many students that apply to medical school feel unprepared and uninformed about what is required of them, what to expect at University, and how best to approach certain challenges such as writing personal statements, answering interview questions, or discussing important ethical topics in a balanced and professional manner. This is why we have created Elite Medics. We want to share our experience, enthusiasm and enjoyment of Medicine with you, to inform you about what it really means to be a doctor and what it takes to get into Medical School, so that you can make an informed decision when you apply.

Our hope is that by the end of our intensive, interactive and challenging course, our students will be able to:

  • Understand the sorts of topics they can expect to learn at medical school, and how they relate to the basic sciences that they have been studying at school
  • Appreciate the highs, lows and the variety of challenges that life as a doctor will bring, and how we deal with them day to day
  • Answer questions at interview in a mature and informed manner
  • Debate complex ethical topics according to the core principles of medical ethics
  • Write a personal statement that accurately expresses how passionate and committed they are to pursuing a career in Medicine, and why they are suited to the task
  • Push beyond the limits of their current scientific knowledge, and use what they know to work out new concepts for themselves, as will be expected from them at University

By the end of our intensive two day course, you will have a much clearer idea of what it means to be a doctor, and what applying to Medical School involves. You will also have the opportunity to experience fun practical skills such as suturing, taking blood and learning to read X-rays and ECGs to the same level as a second or third year medical student. You will also undergo a mock interviews with personalized feedback as to what you did well, and how you can improve. Furthermore we will teach you how to answer difficult ethical questions regarding pertinent topics in healthcare that will certainly form at least part of an admissions interview process.

And it doesn’t end after just two days. By signing up to the course, you will be assigned a mentor, one of our team of doctors who will serve as a link to the medical profession, and be available to answer questions throughout your application process to medical school. If you are unsure about an aspect of the application process, would like some help in approaching a difficult question, or even would like some simple reassurance, we will be on hand and do our utmost to help you throughout your application.

Finally, we have also created a Facebook group for all of our course attendees to join – a community of like-minded individuals who share that same passion for what is a simply wonderful profession – in which our students can help one another. We hope to build this community over the coming years so that our Elite Medics can provide support and reassurance to one another, and we very much hope that in a few years time, you will be standing in our shoes, helping the next generation of Elite Medics follow in your footsteps.

The next course is on the 4-5th August 2018 at the Whittington Education Centre, London, Archway. For further information on the course or if you would like to book your place, visit www.elitemedics.co.uk or call us now on 0800 288 4206.

The Elite Medics Team