Historically, children are unfortunately taught to not speak about their struggles as they can often seem insignificant in comparison to our own. This can lead to negative effects for them, however, which in turn can lead to lasting issues they’ll feel throughout their life. One of the most difficult areas you child may find tough is in their studies – but it’s all to often that children won’t speak up about the troubles they’re facing.

Here, we share five signs to look out for that your child might be struggling with their studies:

1. Sudden changes in behaviour and attitude

School will be what takes up most of your child’s day, so if they come out of it acting different then it may well be their studies bothering them. If their attitude is not how is consistently negative and they’re easy to frustrate, it may well be that they’re bottling in lasting stress that relates to their academic performance.

2. They don’t like talking about school

In addition to this, children who are struggling with their studies will often be reluctant to discuss them. Many children aren’t keen to talk about school, as their mind is often on important things like cartoons and video games afterwards, but if they’re increasingly reluctant to talk about their studies and anything surrounding them then it’s clear there are some issues there.

3. They avoid eating

Stress and frustration come in many different forms and refusal to eat is one of the more telling signs. Children are usually very dependable when it comes to their food, so if they’re turning away from mealtime or just picking at their dishes then it’s usually a sign of underlying stress.

4. They’re not getting sleep / are generally tired

Another major symptom of stress is the inability to sleep or the general tiredness that comes from frustration. If your child is having trouble sleeping or is showing signs of fatigue, it’s not only an indicator of an issue but something that could make it a whole lot worse if not addressed. The easiest tell-tale sign of this is your child refusing to get out of bed or it taking them an extended time to.

5. Teachers come to you with concerns

Some children may be having issues with their studies but be completely unaware of it or are good at hiding the effects. A consistent source of truth is their teacher(s), who will always be open and honest with you – as they have the data to show their performance.

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