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Dr Anik Ghai MBBS, BSc (Hons)​

Co-Founder and Teacher

Dr Anik Ghai graduated from the University college of London (UCL) in 2015. He additionally graduated with a first class honours in Medical Physics in 2012.He has since worked as a junior doctor for four years and is currently completing his final year of core medical training (CMT) in London. His long term plans are to specialise in Interventional Cardiology.

He is passionate about medical education and carries out regular teaching to undergraduate medical students. He is currently completing a MSc in Medical Education from the University college of London.

Dr Pragash Kamala MBBS, MA, BA (Cantab; Hons) ​​

Co-Founder and Teacher

Dr Kamala studied pre-clinical medicine at the University of Cambridge and graduated with a BA ( Hons) in Neuroscience in 2012. He then transferred to University College London to study clinical medicine and graduated as a doctor in July 2015 ( MBBS).

He has since worked as a fully qualified doctor in the South London region for two years. He is currently undertaking a MSc in Plastic surgery at UCL with predicted distinction. He was recently granted a prestigious scholarship ( Kennedy Trust Prize) by the University of Oxford to undertake a DPhil in hand surgery. He will be starting this in October 2018. His long-term goal is to specialise as an academic Plastic surgeon. 

Ella Burchill


Ella Burchill has completed her third year of her medical degree in London. She will be starting her intercalated degree In Neuroscience from next year. She enjoys combining scientific reasoning and experiments with the clinical knowledge and the interaction with people on the job. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling and has plans to cycle to Geneva this summer for Motor Neurone Disease Association. She also enjoys visiting London art galleries and the theatre.

Dr Yasmine Darwazeh MBChB, BSc (Hons)


Dr Yasmine Darwazeh graduated from the University of Warwick in 2014. She previously graduated with honours in Medical Biochemistry in 2018. She is also a fully qualified science teacher, having taught GCSE sciences and A-Level Chemistry and Biology between her two degrees, at a high school in Birmingham.

She is now in her final year to become a fully qualified GP mainly working in Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

She is passionate about medical education and has taken part in medical student teaching. She enjoys reading, travelling and spending time with her son when she’s not at work.

Millie Walker


Millie Walker is a medical student currently in her intercalating year; studying Medical Anthropology at University College London. Having completed her first three years of medical training at King’s College London, Millie has developed a strong interest in psychiatry and currently sits on the KCL Psych Soc committee. She is hoping to pursue a career in research alongside her clinical work.

Millie’s passions outside medicine include dancing, reading and marine conservation.

Dr Ben Noble MBBS


Dr Ben Noble is an emergency medicine registrar at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital in Shropshire. He graduated with distinction from Keele University in 2012.

Since then he has pursued a career that embodies medical education, being involved in many types of clinical education throughout his career. This year he acquired a post-graduate certificate in medical education with the aim of progressing this to a master’s degree in due course. 

Outside his career he is a keen runner, competing in half-marathons regularly. He is also a regular traveller, having visited over 30 countries in the pursuit of seeing wildlife.

Karen Borges


Karen Borges is a final year medical student at King’s College London, she will be finishing in the summer of 2020. She has graduated from Imperial College London in 2018 with a BSc in Management and Medical Sciences.She is passionate about medical education and founded KCL Leaders in Health, an initiative that provides management and leadership training to healthcare students.Karen’s long term plans involve working in the field of global health.

Jean-Luc Duval BSc (Hons)


Jean-Luc Duval is a final year medical student at King’s College London. He has been awarded Distinctions in Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences, as well as a BSc with first class honours in Imaging Science and Technology.

His long term goals are to pursue a career in Cardiothoracic surgery, however he is currently in the process of applying to the academic foundation program (AFP) in Cambridge as his first junior doctor job. He has been avidly involved in medical education with this being recognized by his being awarded the Peer-Assisted Learning Tutor of the Year 2018/19. Outside of academics, he is also a keen sportsman representing his medical school at BUCS Premiership level in hockey.”

Sarah Saram


Sarah Saram is a 4th Year Medical student currently enrolled at the University of Birmingham. She is excited to be a part of Elite Medics and has a passion for teaching and education. Within the medical field, she is particularly interested in how technological advancements will impact how we practice medicine and view healthcare in the future. She has previously been involved in projects looking at how Artifical Intelligence (AI) can be used as a tool in medical education and hope to explore this field further by learning about the basics of computer science as part of a personal project.

Wentin Chen


Miss Wentin Chen is a current third year medical student at the University of Birmingham. Caring for patients is at the heart of Wentin’s pursuit of a career as a doctor. She believes it is the greatest privilege to be able to help people when they are at their most vulnerable. Her long-term goal is to become a surgeon. At medical school, Wentin is the secretary of GP Society and treasurer for TEDxUoB. She also has an interest in global health and embarked on an aid mission to Romania, distributing basic supplies.

Wentin enjoys teaching and regularly tutors secondary school students. During summer, she taught English and health education in local schools abroad in China. She finds it rewarding to contribute to the education of others. In her spare time, Wentin enjoys playing badminton and performing harp at events.

Patrick Hurley


Patrick graduated in 2016 with first class honours in Biochemistry from Royal Holloway College, University of London. From there he went on to research at the University of Southampton for 5 months before working as a healthcare assistant at Shelley Park NeuroCare Centre, a regionally and nationally recognised centre of excellence for neuro-rehabilitation, for 6 months prior to beginning medicine. It is during this time that he first started tutoring.

Patrick began the Graduate Entry Medical course at the University of Birmingham in 2017. In 2018 he received the Sir Author Thomson £2000 summer studentship award and went on to have his research (effects of local infiltration analgesia on osteoblast viability) published in the Journal of Orthopaedics as first author. In 2019, he has again collaborated with researchers at the QE Hospital on the effects of obesity on RNA expression in osteoarthritis. This work is due to be published later this year. His interests include orthopaedic surgery, especially orthopaedic oncology, and accelerating rates of post-operative recovery.

Argha Datta


Argha is currently a sixth and final year medical student at King’s College London, having completed an intercalated BSc in Imaging Sciences

He is a student ambassador for King’s, working as both a Higher Education Liaison Representative and a Widening Participation Officer, helping students from underprivileged backgrounds to gain access to higher education. He works as a peer reviewer for The British Student Doctor and has presented audits at national and international conferences for which he has won a couple of prizes. He is also a tutor for his university’s peer-assisted learning scheme (PALS) which regularly involves teaching medical students on topics encompassing the spectrum of clinical medicine.

Before coming to university, he attended the Manchester Grammar School where he achieved 12A*s in his GCSEs and did his A-levels in Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Here, he took part in public speaking competitions for which he also won many prizes as well as mentoring students in various science subjects. Outside of academia, he enjoys sports and plays Kabaddi for the England National team. In recognition of these extra-curricular achievements, he was fortunate enough to be awarded the King’s Leadership & Professional Skills Award by the principal of the university.

As a member of the Elite Medics team, he hopes to give back to the community and help others who are applying to medical school through teaching and education, having gone through the process himself. His aim is to instil confidence in pupils who are keen to pursue this rewarding profession.

Shefali Singh


Shefali Singh is reading Medicine at King’s College London. For the past two years, she has been clinically placed at the Guys and St. Thomas’ Trust. This year, she will be pursuing an intercalated BSc in Management from the Imperial College Business School

She has over seven years of tutoring and teaching experience and has worked extensively with students in both one-to-one and group settings. She also has two years of experience tutoring through her university’s Peer-Assisted Learning scheme, where tutors are matched with a group of students in the year below to support academically.

Nawal Zia


Nawal is a 4th year Medical student at the University of Birmingham.She loves medicine because it combines the complexity of science and the thrill of meeting new people. Aside from her studies, she enjoys teaching and volunteering with local charities!

Having applied for such a competitive course, she understands how pressurising exams can be. Her personal advice to students: “Biology and chemistry are extremely content-heavy, so I made use of textbooks throughout the year and combined the information to make my own summarised set of notes. As a teacher, I emphasise on “kinesthetic” learning, whereby I engage with the students as much as possible, and let the students learn by practising rather than watching”.

Faiz Shaikh


Faiz is a final year medical student at King’s College London, due to graduate in August 2020. He completed an intercalated BSc and graduated with a first class honours in Anatomy, Developmental and Human Biology in 2017.

He continues to progress through medical school and is actively involved in widening access into medicine through various ventures and particularly enjoys teaching at different levels ranging from pre-GCSE to younger medical students.

He plans to pursue core surgical training after foundation training with a particular interest in Head and Neck Surgery, the field in which he will complete his elective in Sydney, Australia.

Aisha-Ali Choudhrey


Aisha Ali-Choudhrey, is a 4th year medical student studying at King’s College London. She graduated with a first class honours in Imaging Sciences in 2018.Whilst completing her medical education, she works as a HCA for a private clinic and has also taken on a teaching role with Elite Medics.She aspires to be a Trauma specialist in the future.

Deborah Inyang


Deborah Inyang is a 3rd year medical student at King’s College London, with an interest in neurology. She loves tutoring as, with over 3 years experience, she believes it is key to making the most complex subjects much simpler and more approachable. She has a strong passion for mentoring, not only for helping people get into medicine, but helping people throughout the journey too! Other than trying to get stuck into research in her free time, she likes to keep life pretty simple by doing art and watching anime.

Ravi Shah


Ravi is a 2nd year medical student at UCL, with a keen interest in neurology and an aspiration to specialise in the field. Prior to studying medicine, he achieved 14A*s at GCSE, complemented by 3A*s and an A at A level including Biology, Chemistry and Maths. To further show his aptitude for science he has been merited in numerous olympiads for both biology and chemistry.

This level of attainment is something he wishes to instil in every student attempting to go down the same path to becoming a doctor; something he has been doing for the past 2 years in the form of private tuition within both Essex and London.

Above all, he is a very enthusiastic and approachable person who can undoubtedly motivate, share his passion for science, and help in simplifying complex concepts prevalent in the new GCSE and A level exams.

Jada Coker


Jada is a second-year medical student at King’s college London. She is enthusiastic about the vast and diverse world of human physiology, and is passionate about understanding how the body works and what can go wrong with it

Jada left school in 2017 with A’s and A*’s in biology, chemistry, English literature and mathematics. She also received 12 A*’s at GCSE. Jada strongly believes that learning can be fun – and that students ought to be inspired and engaged in every lesson.

Outside of academia, Jada enjoys sports such as Netball and is an avid reader of fantasy fiction. Jada enjoys teaching, and has worked as a GCSE and A-Level tutor for the past two yea

Luxna Srinivasan


Dr Luxna Srinivasan graduated from King’s College London in 2019. She is starting work at Addenbrookes’ Hospital, Cambridge. She hopes to specialise in paediatrics someday and hopes to make a difference to children around the world by joining Doctors without Borders.

She is passionate about inspiring teenagers to achieve their goals. She hopes that her lessons get more students motivated and help them realise their potential. Given her passion in medical education, she is currently writing books for undergraduate medical students.

Having applied for such a competitive course, I understand how pressurising exams can be. Biology and chemistry are extremely content-heavy, so I made use of textbooks throughout the year and combined the information to make my own summarised set of notes. As a teacher, I emphasise on “kinesthetic” learning, whereby I engage with the students as much as possible, and let the students learn by practising rather than watching.

Aishah Mughal


Aishah Mughal is currently studying Medicine at the University of Birmingham. She has successfully completed her two pre-clinical years and is looking forward to starting her hospital placements next year. She has developed many interests in various fields of medicine and hopes that her clinical years will enable her to decide the speciality she wishes to pursue long-term.

Aishah has a passion for both teaching and research and is currently interested in pursuing an intercalated degree after her third year of university. She also enjoys volunteering for societies such as Teddy Bear Hospital who deliver workshops at local primary schools to increase health education in young children.